In the Name of Allah

The second Conference on

Quran-Based Humanities: Requirements, Methods, Indicators


Important Dates

- Detailed Abstract Submission Deadline: 22 September 2018

- Notification of Accepted Abstracts: 2 October 2018

- Full Text Submission Deadline: 21 November 2018

- Conference Date: 18-19 February 2019

- Detailed Abstracts and Full Texts should be sent by Email at


:Conference Themes


(Requirements (Theoretical and Practical

Conceptualizing Quran-Based Humanities
The Association of Quranic Anthropology to Quran-Based Humanities
The Relationship between Various Fields of Philosophy and Quran-Based Humanities
Philosophical, Scientific, and Cultural Prerequisites in Quran-Based Humanities
Criticizing the Cognitive and Intellectual Foundations of Extant Humanities
Administrative Pre-conditions in Quran-Based Humanities
Rectifying the Educational and Research Processes
Determining and Explaining Research Priorities in Quran-Based Humanities
Prospect, Planning, and Management in the Achievement of Quran-Based Humanities
Management and Organization to Achieve Quran-Based Humanities
The Role of Scientific Institutions in Achieving Quran-Based Humanities
Current Analysis of Studies in Quran-Based Humanities
The Relationship between Social Changes and Achieving Quran-Based Humanities


Analyzing and Criticizing the Current Methodologies in Humanities
Explaining the Methodologies of Muslim Scientists to achieve Islamic Sciences   
Studying the Methodologies of Muslim Thinkers to Understand Quranic Anthropology
The Relationship between the Hermeneutic of Text and Quran-Based Humanities
Dominant Paradigms in Achieving Quran-Based Humanities



Intertextual, Intratextual, and extratextual indicators in Quran-Based Humanities
Indicators of Muslim Scholars in Measuring Quran-Based Humanities
Examining and Criticizing the Extra-Religious Indicators in Humanities


Note: There is a chance for case study in any of the mentioned themes in humanities